My Life in UP

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I think it’s fair for me to dedicate one entry about my life in this university. Currently, as of writing, I allot one day a week of academe here at this campus. Where should I begin? I’m still overwhelmed, anxious and at shock that I’m doing what I think is meant for me since day 1.

I remember clearly how I badly wanted to be a student at this institution. I was in 4th year high school when I attempted to take the UPCAT exam. I can imagine myself walking at the streets of Osmeña with my wide bohemian skirt, holding a cup of coffee and a laptop on the other hand. I was clear and optimistic about my vision. I was going to be an eskolar ng bayan taking up whatever course in Mass Comm or Arts but life can be tricky, it took over and I wasn’t able to take my UPCAT. But hey, 10 years later, look where I’m at. I’m doing exactly what I thought I’d be doing a decade before. I’m taking up my MA in Film at the College of Mass Comm and I recently bought that boho skirt I’m eyeing for 10 years now, wow!!!

Everyday is new to me. Every new friends I meet, I keep it well in my pocket. Every lesson I learn I store it in my brains. I hope I will never get tired of this. I hope to maintain the same level of enthusiasm. I hope I’m making my Papa proud 🙂


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