Watching Sunrise in Angkor Wat

It was raining when we visited Angkor Wat Temples 2 weeks ago, September 20, 2017. The good side about it is the lush greenery surroundings of the temple that replaced the usual sepia-like atmosphere.

It was 4:30AM when our tuktuk driver picked us up at Day Day Inn hostel (see my boyfriend’s review of the place on Airbnb). You can ask your hostel or hotel to have a service tuktuk to take you to Angkor for one whole day or half day like we did. Ours was the same driver who picked us up from the airport the night before we visited Angkor Wat, it costs $20 for the half day tour. The ticket office is 30mins away from our hostel. Surprisingly there were already a crowd in queue but it only took us 10 minutes to buy a ticket for 2 each costing $37, for a single-day pass. The weather was perfect but we were not able to bring an umbrella and so we used our towels instead. Our driver dropped us on the side of the parking lot, we have to go inside the Angkor Wat by foot. We got there on time for the amazing sunrise. Since it was raining, we stayed at the first entrance facing the temple.

These photos are according to the sequence of its hues during sunrise. It’s truly majestic in person – like an eye candy of fire bursting in front of me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We waited until the rain stops before going inside the temple.



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