Our Engagement Story – JR’s Best Prank Yet!

I’m sharing our engagement story. I will try and remember each and every exciting, annoying, and joyful detail of it.

Three months ago I said “yes” to my best friend turned fiancé. I had no idea that he was going to ask me in a traditional down-on-his-knee kind of way because we’ve had several conversations about getting married, all the while I thought there will be no formal proposal but instead just go straight into planning. My mom even gave my grandmother’s ring to JR just in case he would pop the question anytime soon. Truth is a month before we got engaged, I was already scouting for wedding suppliers in Manila and Tagaytay (assumera ang peg, mga memsh). I really thought that it was going to happen this year while skipping all the romanticism, “get married…” I thought, boy was I pleasantly wrong!



We have been together for 5 years and this website is a testament for our LOVE of travel. On our 5th anniversary, we celebrated it on a getaway trip as per usual. This year we opted to go to El Nido, we were thrilled because it was a first for both of us. Just like any other trip we had, I was the one in charge with planning the itinerary, budget, hotel accommodations, and booking the flights. I was so caught up with all these that getting engaged was the last thing on my mind. Also, with JR always joking about it and fake-proposing all the time got me thinking that he will never do it on our anniversary because it would be such a giveaway.  YES – he joked about it MANY A TIMES that I already convinced myself that I don’t want a proposal anyways, like… whatevs… hahaha. (charought, of course)



It happened on our third day on the island. Kuya driver, the same person who picked us up from the airport offered his cousin to take us island hopping. We got up early and was brought to the port. While waiting, JR told me to look around while they settle the payment, and so I obliged, not knowing that he was already plotting everything with Kuya driver’s cousin, our tour guide. When we got to the boat, it turned out that this tour guide was assigned to a different group, there was another guy taking us to this tour. I noticed JR getting antsy but I just shrugged it off as this was somewhat normal for him. I was so excited to jump in the water that it really did not matter who was taking us there.

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Our first stop was the small lagoon. JR and I took off in a two-person kayak with a small group. This was the hardest part because it was sooo hot and we had to paddle under the scorching heat. The scenic view made all the paddling worth it even though it was crowded. Our tour guide constantly checked on us to make sure we were comfortable, I felt secure right from the start so we stayed for awhile to take photos. After several minutes we all went back to the boat to our second stop, the big lagoon. We had to take the kayak again but this time, our tour guide offered a bigger kayak and paddled for us. It was such a relief because I was already getting tired and felt like I already had a wrestler’s arm (macho, bes!). All I wanted was to take a photo alone on the kayak and swim in the water. The big lagoon was gorgeous, it was even nicer because there were lesser people around. Luckily it was already lunch time and majority of the people were already having their meals, it seemed like we had the whole lagoon to ourselves.

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Manong told us to get off and take photos on the rock formation. I hesitated at first but he insisted, the struggle was real on our way to the rocks. He asked me to take a solo shot, I was already uncomfortable because of the heat, (I forgot to mention I had my monthly visitor that day too, over-sharing but girls will understand lol) I just wanted to get it over with. I was fixing my hair and when I turned around – JR was already down on one knee with the ring! I was in shock and my first thought was;

“Bakit mo dala yun ring dito baliw ka?”

I was so worried that he might lose it. This ring means so much to me because it’s an heirloom handed down from my late grandmother.

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I was so focused on the ring that I didn’t hear what he said, but I was pretty sure he was proposing so out of reflex (and having played this scenario a million times in my head) I said;

“Of course” (while laughing, mind you)

When I realized that it was REALLY happening, I was ugly-laughing so hard because everything felt unreal and silly at the time. “Iz this really iz it?!” I thought, I was in so much joy that I cussed and hit his outreached arm, the same arm where he was holding THE RING! That’s when he lost his balance (he was still down on his knee) and dropped the ring in the water, I was so terrified! I wanted to hit him more but then I remembered that I just got engaged, I had this silly worried look on my face but I just couldn’t stop laughing. I really can’t explain all the emotions I felt that time, I was about to get in the water when JR, lo and behold pulled another ring from his necklace! WHAT IS HAPPENING?! Everything started making sense, the conversation with the tour guide, the forced photo op on a rock formation, how he knew that I was a “hitter” – He actually had a plan and by force of nature and a bit of luck, the sequence of events in his head came to life! He succeeded on his best prank yet! It was such a relief seeing the real ring safe and sound. That’s when everything sank in, I heard JR say, ‘I love you’ and I answered with ‘labyohhhh’ hahahaha.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

So when people ask me if I was surprised, yes I was and so much more! I couldn’t think of a better proposal, befitting my best friend’s comedic and romantic charm. Reminiscing about it makes me laugh and smile like a weirdo, a weirdo in complete and utter bliss.

With everything that has happened in Palawan, we also decided that there is no other place to exchange our vows. In just three months, we’re already halfway through planning, all I can say is that I AM SO READY TO BE MRS. POSADAS!



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