Spontaneity & Bliss – Our Engagement Shoot

Our engagement shoot is a gift from my friends in film school. Prior to JR’s proposal we were already planning a couple photography session for fun. When he finally popped the question, everyone was thrilled because the timing was perfect to push through with the shoot. We gathered ideas, agreed on our pegs, and plotted how to go about it smoothly until several storms hit Manila. We pushed back on a few occasions and decided to put in on hold. Finally, we found a one-day window in the middle of a stormy week, I immediately told my friends to grab their cameras – lez do thizzz! Without preparations, I slipped on a dress that matches one of JR’s polos, did my own make-up, tried my best to fix my messy hair, and prepared Penny’s stuff for the trip. We skipped the fancy fancy and shot what we felt that day, relaxed and raw. We’re lucky the skies cleared up for us. It’s exactly what I wanted and more.

4IMG_3192 copy-min_MG_5927-min_MG_6001-min


_MG_5936-minWithin 5 years of being together, people kept asking us when are we settling down. We kept it slow. We gave each other time to grow. We worked on our own pace. ‘You can’t rush something you want to last forever’. We want our photos to show exactly what we are as couple – just going with the flow.


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