Our Intimate Civil Union

1220180806-IMG_00244_MG_0099_MG_0172_MG_0154_MG_0226023202336My dream of getting married in an intimate ceremony came true last August 8, 2018. God is truly good and made everything perfect! With our parents as witnesses and few elders, JR and I said our ‘I dos’ in a restaurant in Quezon City. We had everything planned out ourselves, from processing the documents needed to choosing the right menu. For the decor, I opted to go with minimal touches and shades of green. We’re very excited to embark on this new journey as Mr. & Mrs. Posadas.

Photo:  It’s Not Typical Designs Styling & Invitation: A to Z Manila



Spontaneity & Bliss – Our Engagement Shoot

Our engagement shoot is a gift from my friends in film school. Prior to JR’s proposal we were already planning a couple photography session for fun. When he finally popped the question, everyone was thrilled because the timing was perfect to push through with the shoot. We gathered ideas, agreed on our pegs, and plotted how to go about it smoothly until several storms hit Manila. We pushed back on a few occasions and decided to put in on hold. Finally, we found a one-day window in the middle of a stormy week, I immediately told my friends to grab their cameras – lez do thizzz! Without preparations, I slipped on a dress that matches one of JR’s polos, did my own make-up, tried my best to fix my messy hair, and prepared Penny’s stuff for the trip. We skipped the fancy fancy and shot what we felt that day, relaxed and raw. We’re lucky the skies cleared up for us. It’s exactly what I wanted and more.

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_MG_5936-minWithin 5 years of being together, people kept asking us when are we settling down. We kept it slow. We gave each other time to grow. We worked on our own pace. ‘You can’t rush something you want to last forever’. We want our photos to show exactly what we are as couple – just going with the flow.

Our Engagement Story – JR’s Best Prank Yet!

I’m sharing our engagement story. I will try and remember each and every exciting, annoying, and joyful detail of it.

Three months ago I said “yes” to my best friend turned fiancé. I had no idea that he was going to ask me in a traditional down-on-his-knee kind of way because we’ve had several conversations about getting married, all the while I thought there will be no formal proposal but instead just go straight into planning. My mom even gave my grandmother’s ring to JR just in case he would pop the question anytime soon. Truth is a month before we got engaged, I was already scouting for wedding suppliers in Manila and Tagaytay (assumera ang peg, mga memsh). I really thought that it was going to happen this year while skipping all the romanticism, “get married…” I thought, boy was I pleasantly wrong!



We have been together for 5 years and this website is a testament for our LOVE of travel. On our 5th anniversary, we celebrated it on a getaway trip as per usual. This year we opted to go to El Nido, we were thrilled because it was a first for both of us. Just like any other trip we had, I was the one in charge with planning the itinerary, budget, hotel accommodations, and booking the flights. I was so caught up with all these that getting engaged was the last thing on my mind. Also, with JR always joking about it and fake-proposing all the time got me thinking that he will never do it on our anniversary because it would be such a giveaway.  YES – he joked about it MANY A TIMES that I already convinced myself that I don’t want a proposal anyways, like… whatevs… hahaha. (charought, of course)



It happened on our third day on the island. Kuya driver, the same person who picked us up from the airport offered his cousin to take us island hopping. We got up early and was brought to the port. While waiting, JR told me to look around while they settle the payment, and so I obliged, not knowing that he was already plotting everything with Kuya driver’s cousin, our tour guide. When we got to the boat, it turned out that this tour guide was assigned to a different group, there was another guy taking us to this tour. I noticed JR getting antsy but I just shrugged it off as this was somewhat normal for him. I was so excited to jump in the water that it really did not matter who was taking us there.

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Our first stop was the small lagoon. JR and I took off in a two-person kayak with a small group. This was the hardest part because it was sooo hot and we had to paddle under the scorching heat. The scenic view made all the paddling worth it even though it was crowded. Our tour guide constantly checked on us to make sure we were comfortable, I felt secure right from the start so we stayed for awhile to take photos. After several minutes we all went back to the boat to our second stop, the big lagoon. We had to take the kayak again but this time, our tour guide offered a bigger kayak and paddled for us. It was such a relief because I was already getting tired and felt like I already had a wrestler’s arm (macho, bes!). All I wanted was to take a photo alone on the kayak and swim in the water. The big lagoon was gorgeous, it was even nicer because there were lesser people around. Luckily it was already lunch time and majority of the people were already having their meals, it seemed like we had the whole lagoon to ourselves.

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Manong told us to get off and take photos on the rock formation. I hesitated at first but he insisted, the struggle was real on our way to the rocks. He asked me to take a solo shot, I was already uncomfortable because of the heat, (I forgot to mention I had my monthly visitor that day too, over-sharing but girls will understand lol) I just wanted to get it over with. I was fixing my hair and when I turned around – JR was already down on one knee with the ring! I was in shock and my first thought was;

“Bakit mo dala yun ring dito baliw ka?”

I was so worried that he might lose it. This ring means so much to me because it’s an heirloom handed down from my late grandmother.

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I was so focused on the ring that I didn’t hear what he said, but I was pretty sure he was proposing so out of reflex (and having played this scenario a million times in my head) I said;

“Of course” (while laughing, mind you)

When I realized that it was REALLY happening, I was ugly-laughing so hard because everything felt unreal and silly at the time. “Iz this really iz it?!” I thought, I was in so much joy that I cussed and hit his outreached arm, the same arm where he was holding THE RING! That’s when he lost his balance (he was still down on his knee) and dropped the ring in the water, I was so terrified! I wanted to hit him more but then I remembered that I just got engaged, I had this silly worried look on my face but I just couldn’t stop laughing. I really can’t explain all the emotions I felt that time, I was about to get in the water when JR, lo and behold pulled another ring from his necklace! WHAT IS HAPPENING?! Everything started making sense, the conversation with the tour guide, the forced photo op on a rock formation, how he knew that I was a “hitter” – He actually had a plan and by force of nature and a bit of luck, the sequence of events in his head came to life! He succeeded on his best prank yet! It was such a relief seeing the real ring safe and sound. That’s when everything sank in, I heard JR say, ‘I love you’ and I answered with ‘labyohhhh’ hahahaha.

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So when people ask me if I was surprised, yes I was and so much more! I couldn’t think of a better proposal, befitting my best friend’s comedic and romantic charm. Reminiscing about it makes me laugh and smile like a weirdo, a weirdo in complete and utter bliss.

With everything that has happened in Palawan, we also decided that there is no other place to exchange our vows. In just three months, we’re already halfway through planning, all I can say is that I AM SO READY TO BE MRS. POSADAS!


Watching Sunrise in Angkor Wat

It was raining when we visited Angkor Wat Temples 2 weeks ago, September 20, 2017. The good side about it is the lush greenery surroundings of the temple that replaced the usual sepia-like atmosphere.

It was 4:30AM when our tuktuk driver picked us up at Day Day Inn hostel (see my boyfriend’s review of the place on Airbnb). You can ask your hostel or hotel to have a service tuktuk to take you to Angkor for one whole day or half day like we did. Ours was the same driver who picked us up from the airport the night before we visited Angkor Wat, it costs $20 for the half day tour. The ticket office is 30mins away from our hostel. Surprisingly there were already a crowd in queue but it only took us 10 minutes to buy a ticket for 2 each costing $37, for a single-day pass. The weather was perfect but we were not able to bring an umbrella and so we used our towels instead. Our driver dropped us on the side of the parking lot, we have to go inside the Angkor Wat by foot. We got there on time for the amazing sunrise. Since it was raining, we stayed at the first entrance facing the temple.

These photos are according to the sequence of its hues during sunrise. It’s truly majestic in person – like an eye candy of fire bursting in front of me.

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We waited until the rain stops before going inside the temple.


48 Hours in Hanoi, Vietnam

One must travel smoothly, slowly and steady – that’s the total opposite of our Hanoi experience.

It was rough, fast and exciting! 🙂 Rough because there was only 1 flight available daily from Manila to Hanoi via Cebu Pacific – and it’s midnight! There was literally no sleep weekend for me and JR. Mainly me, because I’m very thrilled about this trip. I planned this several months ahead. I have this big vision of Hanoi in my head – it’s chaotic, colorful and tasty, It is indeed! Hanoi, particularly Old Quarter where we stayed is small enough for one day of sightseeing but it requires a lot of walking. But not to worry because the weather is perfect and it allowed us to roam around without sweat (March 23-25, 2017).

The City

It’s a mix of urban life and scenic greenery. Old Quarter is decked with quaint houses and establishments against the beautiful Hoan Kiem Lake as its backdrop. There are vendors everywhere wearing their native hats, rushing motorbikes that won’t stop for you, and coffee shops in every corner. If you walk towards the lake, you will escape the small roads that will lead  you to Hoan Kiem District – it’s surrounded by parks. Alas! You’ve reached the heart of Hanoi!

Old Quarter

IMG_7587 2Processed with VSCO with nc preset

Around 6 in the morning there are seniors doing aerobics/yoga with their red old-fashioned fans. During afternoon, it’s packed with tourists from different corners of the world. And in the evening it’s usually crowded in front of the Thang Long Theater for the Water Puppet Show.

Hoan Kiem District

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The Food

There’s an entirely different world of food beyond Pho. We opted to go for the top rated restaurants to make the most our trip. I had several on my list but we don’t have enough time to visit each one of them, Madame Hien and Essence Hotel Cafe made the cut. It’s the most accessible within the vicinity of our plotted itinerary. I can still taste the fried pork spring rolls from Essence – it’s crispy on the outside and so much flavor in the inside. They also have superb customer service. The fresh rolls from Madame Hien is a must try too! Don’t hesitate to try other cuisines aside from Pho, you won’t regret it!

Essence Hotel Restaurant

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Madame Hien Restaurant 

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Never skip the vendors selling Banh Mi on the sidewalks, NEVER! The best grilled sandwich I’ve tasted for Php60.00!!!

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The Coffee

It seems like they have a coffee social scene – it’s everywhere! Hanoi is known for their unique take on coffee and it’s definitely something that you wouldn’t want to miss! In our short stay, we only tried 2, both have egg coffee as its specialty.

Giang Cafe

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Cafe Pho Co

It’s the definition of hole-in-the-wall. You have to walk a narrow alley to get to a house-like cafe. But what’s on the top floor will surprise you. Be sure to visit during sunset or at night.

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Temple and Pagoda

It’s possible to visit all temples and pagodas in one day if you start early. You can rent a motorbike for $10 for one whole day. We tried to squeeze as many as we could in 2 days and decided to pick a few – my favorite amongst them is the Temple of Literature – a very picturesque attraction in Hanoi.

Temple of Literature – Temple of Confucius

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Tortoise Pagoda in the middle of Hoan Kiem Lake

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Ngoc Son Temple

Trấn Quốc Pagoda

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The Locals

If you are as jolly as Jr and I, who always wears a smile on your face, don’t change a thing. But don’t expect all locals to reciprocate. On an average of ten people that we greeted, only 3 or 4 responded with a nod or a smile. It’s not them being rude but it’s what they have gotten used to.

If you are traveling to SouthEast Asia, please give yourselves a favor and visit Hanoi.

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A Taste of Davao

If you’re looking for the best experience for you and your family, Davao is the best fit!

I couldn’t squeeze everything in 4 days, there’s so much to see with so little time.

We tried to have a taste of both lands and waters in 4 days. Here’s a peek of our trip 🙂


 Secdea Resort, Samal Island

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Davao Crocodile Park

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My Life in UP

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I think it’s fair for me to dedicate one entry about my life in this university. Currently, as of writing, I allot one day a week of academe here at this campus. Where should I begin? I’m still overwhelmed, anxious and at shock that I’m doing what I think is meant for me since day 1.

I remember clearly how I badly wanted to be a student at this institution. I was in 4th year high school when I attempted to take the UPCAT exam. I can imagine myself walking at the streets of Osmeña with my wide bohemian skirt, holding a cup of coffee and a laptop on the other hand. I was clear and optimistic about my vision. I was going to be an eskolar ng bayan taking up whatever course in Mass Comm or Arts but life can be tricky, it took over and I wasn’t able to take my UPCAT. But hey, 10 years later, look where I’m at. I’m doing exactly what I thought I’d be doing a decade before. I’m taking up my MA in Film at the College of Mass Comm and I recently bought that boho skirt I’m eyeing for 10 years now, wow!!!

Everyday is new to me. Every new friends I meet, I keep it well in my pocket. Every lesson I learn I store it in my brains. I hope I will never get tired of this. I hope to maintain the same level of enthusiasm. I hope I’m making my Papa proud 🙂