48 Hours in Hanoi, Vietnam

One must travel smoothly, slowly and steady - that's the total opposite of our Hanoi experience. It was rough, fast and exciting! 🙂 Rough because there was only 1 flight available daily from Manila to Hanoi via Cebu Pacific - and it's midnight! There was literally no sleep weekend for me and JR. Mainly me,… Continue reading 48 Hours in Hanoi, Vietnam

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Santorini in Tagaytay

Last weekend we were so close to nature. I've never seen this side of Tagaytay until I booked an overnight stay at Estancia Hotel. Quoting Mr. Morrie Schwartz, 'I am drawn to nature like I'm seeing it for the first time.' It has one of the best views of the lake and I felt so… Continue reading Santorini in Tagaytay